Items collected all year:

Postage Stamps- Sent to Bethphage Mission and Bethel School and Institution for people with disabilities in Bielefeld, Germany.  Please cut aroundcanceled stamps, leaving a 1/2 - inch border

Eye Glasses- are collected and given to the Lion's Club

Beverage tabs- Local Ronald McDonald House

Campbell soup labels--(bar code only)--Rainbow School

Postage stamps, eye glasses, beverage tabs, and Campbell soup labels may be left in the drawers at the Usher "s Stand.


June Action Project

Beneficiary: Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House is known as the “home away from home” or “the House that Love Built” to families traveling far from home seeking medical attention for their children. These titles are all in thanks to the commitment of volunteers and generosity of donors supporting families facing difficult days and long nights. The families share their stories and gain new insights as they meet children and parents with similar concerns. Together, we can help families, one child at a time. We hope everyone will join in this local effort. Donated items may be placed in the Action Box outside of the Lounge.

Plastic/Paper Supplies: garbage bags (7, 13, and 30 gallon size), bathroom Dixie® cups, styrofoam cups and bowls, plastic cups, heavy duty paper plates, plastic utensils, cupcake liners

Cleaning Items: antibacterial disinfectant liquid and spray, disinfecting wipes, antibacterial hand soap, antibacterial cleaning sprays, toilet bowl cleaner

Laundry/Dishwasher Items: dishwasher soap (tablets), fabric softenersheets, bleach, liquid laundry soapGift

Cards: movie passes, restaurant certifi cates, grocery store cards, gas cards

Games: X-Box 360, Nintendo Wii games (rated E only)

Office/Arts & Crafts: 8½ x 11 copy paper, tacky glue or Elmer’s® glue, paintbrushes (all sizes)

Other: AAA batteries, 9 volt batteries

Pop tabs Collection: Collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House is a great way to teach kids and inform adults about the importance of philanthropy and recycling to raise funds. Last year alone collected pop tabs amounted to $15,000. Collecting pop tabs is an easy way to make a difference. Pop tabs can be taken directly to the House or leave them in the drawers at the ushers’ stand. Donated items may be placed in the Action Box outside of the lounge.

Our journey of faith leads us to build bridges of understanding and peace, to reach out with compassion, and to share the hope of Jesus.