Zumbro's pastors have made their sermons available to read online. Below is a list of the 2009 worship sermons. Click the sermon title to view the sermon in .pdf format, suitable for printing. If you would rather listen to a sermon, please contact the church office to obtain a recording.

2009 Worship Sermons

Sermon Title Date Bible Verse Given By Occasion
The Lost Child December 24, 2009 Pastor Vern Christopherson Christmas Eve
Reflections on Advent: God is like Laundry Soap, God Isn’t Finished with Us Yet, Labor Pains December 6, 2009 Malachi 3:1-4, Philippians 1:3-11, Luke 3:1-6 Pastor Vern Christopherson
Living on Autopilot November 22, 2009 Christ the King Sunday John 18:33-37 Pastor Vern Christopherson
What's This World Coming To? November 15, 2009 Mark 13:1-13 Pastor Vern Christopherson
The Resurrection and the Life November 1, 2009 All Saints Sunday John 11:17-27 Pastor Vern Christopherson
Living with Hands Wide Open October 25, 2009 Mark 14:3-9 Pastor Vern Christopherson
Making Our Way in an Anxious World October 11, 2009 Matthew 6:25-33 Pastor Vern Christopherson

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