Zumbro's pastors have made their sermons available to read online. Below is a list of the 2017 worship sermons. Click the sermon title to view the sermon in .pdf format, suitable for printing. If you would rather listen to a sermon, please click the  next to the sermon title.

2017 Worship Sermons

Sermon Title Date Bible Verse Given By Occasion
Jesus Inspires Generosity
May 21, 2017 Acts 4:32-5:11 NRSV Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner  
Jesus's Followers Don't Run and Hide, But Instead Pray for Boldness
May 14, 2017 Acts 4:13-31 NRSV Pastor Vern Christopherson  
Knowing What to Believe Can Make All the Difference
May 7, 2017 Acts 3:1-16 NRSV Pastor Vern Christopherson  
God’s Call is Often Bigger Than Our Expectations
April 30, 2017 Acts 6:1-7:2a, 44-60 NLT Pastor Shelley Cunningham Afiirmation of Baptism 
The Sacred Moments Are Often the Everyday Moments
April 23, 2017 Luke 24:13-35 Pastor Vern Christopherson  
We Live On Glimpses, But Long For More
April 16, 2017 Luke 24:1-12 Pastor Vern Christopherson Easter Sunday
Jerusalem is the Place Where Kings and Prophets Are Made
April 9, 2017 Luke 19:29-44 Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner Palm Sunday
God Love Meets Us Where We Are
April 2, 2017 Luke 19:1-10 Pastor Vern Christopherson  
God Cares About What We Do With Our Money
March 26, 2017 Luke 16:19-31 Pastor Vern Christopherson  
We Aren't Lost When We Belong to God
March 19, 2017 Luke 15:1-2, 11-32 Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner  
It’s Never too Late to Return to God
March 12, 2017 Luke 13:1-9, 31-35 Pastor Vern Christopherson  
Sometimes We Are in Need of a Neighbor to Stop for Us
March 5, 2017 Luke 10:25-37 Pastor Vern Christopherson  
We Experience the Greatness of God in Moments of Glory and Suffering
February 26, 2017 Luke 9:29-45  Pastor Lisa Kipp  
Zumbro Choristers Musical
February 19, 2017   Pastor Shelley Cunningham  
Jesus Changes the World by Changing People
February 12, 2017 Luke 7:18-35 Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner  
Jesus Speaks a Word and Lives are Changed
February 5, 2017 Luke 7:1-17 Pastor Vern Christopherson  
We Stand Up for What We Believe by Standing with Jesus
January 29, 2017 Luke 6:1-16 Pastor Vern Christopherson  
You've Got to Go Deep to Follow Jesus
January 22, 2017 Luke 5:1-11 Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner  
Jesus Brings Good News for Everyone
January 15, 2017 Luke 4:14-30 Pastor Lisa Kipp   
In Baptism God Calls Us Each By Name
January 8, 2017 Luke 3:1-22 Pastor Vern Christopherson Baptism of Our Lord Sunday 
Jesus' Birth Brings Salvation to All People
January 1, 2017 Luke 2:21-38 Pastor Jason Bryan-Wegner  

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