Come! Wednesday worship, 6-6:45pm

Wednesday evening worship is meant to be an alternative time for those who are working or traveling on the weekend, and an alternative style for those seeking a different experience than Sunday.

We see Wednesday as a "worship lab" where we can try out ways to live and share our faith.
+ It has a more informal, 'come-as-you-are' feel to it.
+ We aim to engage all five senses.
+ People are invited to participate in a variety of ways.
+ Music is led by an ensemble.
+ The text and theme are the same as Sunday, but presented in a way that focuses on how we live out our faith in daily life. 
+ Screens are used for storytelling and artistic expression

One of Zumbro's core values is to worship in a rich variety of liturgical styles. We look forward to experiencing God's good news and grace in a new way -- and to growing in faith along the way.

Assist with Wednesday Worship

We need helpers of all ages to assist with worship on Wednesday evenings. Can you pass out the Life at Zumbro, welcome people to worship, or assist with serving communion? WE NEED YOU! Please click here and sign up often to help with Wednesday Worship. Confirmation mentor groups are invited to serve together as a group throughout the year.

Our journey of faith leads us to build bridges of understanding and peace, to reach out with compassion, and to share the hope of Jesus.