Newborn Kits (part 2)

By Sue Jenkins

We bought fabric in Arusha to serve as blankets in the kits, knowing that the mamas would use it as a baby carrier. Fabric is sold in 6 yard (or meter) lengths. All 100 pieces had to be carefully torn in half. Ann, Lisa, and others enjoyed opening & dividing all the beautiful pieces.

We had also brought the devotional booklets colored by our Zumbro Faith Formation families. However, about 120 remained to be assembled in Tanzania. Assembly and coloring filled two of our evenings at the guest house and these activities were a welcome craft project after days at the hospital. (No, we didn’t color them all!)

On Wednesday, Jan. 30, we laid out supplies in Central Supply and set up our newborn kit assembly line. We had hoped to involve hospital staff, but seeing none, we began the work ourselves. A group of four nurses soon peeked shyly in at the door. Gotcha! Ann invited them in and I put them to work on the last step of folding the kits, inserting in and sealing the bags.

Whenever another member of the staff peeked in, they were recruited into the line. After only an hour, we had 200 kits packed! What a joy it was to serve alongside our partners — bega kwa bega — shoulder to shoulder.

Manase explained that the kits are valuable – representing a week to a month’s wages for people in the area. We pray that the kits will bring paying patients to the hospital also.

Thank you, dear Zumbro friends, for making it possible for us to assemble these kits together for the families of Nkungi village and the surrounding area.

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