Palliative Care Visits

By Bob Jenkins

On Friday, Ann, Gaspar and I joined Martina on two palliative care visits (Martina is the palliative care coordinator for Iambi Hospital.)

We drove about 10 kilometers to Iambi village and visited a 90 year-old Muslim woman who had suffered a minor stroke. She had been given a walker from the hospital and was able to move about her small farm.

After Martina gave her some ibuprofen (for joint pain), and we adjusted her walker, Ann asked her if she could pray. The woman said ndiyo (yes) and Ann prayed. Even though the woman and her husband were Muslim, they clearly appreciated the prayer, reminding us that all are welcome and blessed by God.

We drove a few more kilometers, stopped and then hiked about 500 meters into the countryside to visit a young couple – both with HIV. The woman needed medical attention but couldn’t afford a visit to the hospital. But through the palliative care program, she was able to receive high-dose antibiotics. Our hearts went out to this couple and their four small children as Ann prayed for the family.

There are over 750 people with HIV in the immediate region surrounding Iambi hospital. The needs of the people are great. We pray that Iambi Hospital and the palliative care program can meet the needs of the people of the region.

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  1. The work that the ZLC teams have done with the Iambi Hospital staff – to improve the hospital and to do the outreach work – are great examples of God at work, and a blessing to all.

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