Paying Attention

This week we have been thinking about how we pay attention to God and the work of the Spirit in our midst. Every night through scripture, conversation, and music we named and claimed God’s work and grace among us. It was holy and beautiful and sometimes messy as we wrestled with huge and complex challenges facing our nation, world, and our own lives.

How might our spiritual lives be different if each day we set time aside to intentionally pay attention to the world, to scripture, to the quiet, and wonder and reflect with others and God about what is being stirred in us? Intentional group time for this is just one of the gifts of trips like these.

And as a point of privilege … it has been an absolute joy to travel and laugh and serve and pray with these high school students and leaders. Honestly, it is so good to be with you, Zumbro, and I am already so grateful and honored to know your kids. They are kind. They are faithful. They are so darn funny. They love Jesus, others, and each other well. Thank you for this opportunity; these high school youth should make you so proud. I am so excited to get the chance to watch them grow in faith and life.

In gratitude—

Jen Gruendler

p.s. Thanks to everyone who has supported us on this trip. Through prayer or financial support or encouraging your son/daughter to come along — thank you. Here they are writing out those youth stock postcards and sharing some gratitude!

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