Sunday in Nkungi

By Bob Jenkins

We arrived at Nkungi Village (and Iambi Hospital) at about 6:30pm Saturday evening after an eight hour drive from Arusha. The Land Rover was overflowing with the Zumbro team, our luggage, and the material for the newborn kits. Thanks be to God, all arrived safely (although the newborn kit material that was tied to the top of the car came undone).

This morning we worshipped at St. Wanzelya Lutheran Church. The highlight of the 3 1/2 hour worship included the three choirs (high school, adult, and senior) and a solo accordion player/singer.

After a one hour sermon (on how to receive God’s blessing or baraka), the evangelist began a charismatic prayer. Church members prayed for each other, their community, their health, and their country — all 500 worshippers at the same time. I closed my eyes and just felt the multitude of voices move through me. And I began to pray for my family, friends, and community. Communal charismatic prayer was a new and joyful experience for me.

Tomorrow we begin our first day at the hospital. All six of us are excited about what the week holds for us.

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