The First Day of Service

6223FF5D-A89E-4A64-A38F-680BA7411C9D79EEA0AB-C5E8-4193-BEA6-DDA87AFA7030CD292ED6-8596-47EF-A46B-4F0956EBEF975ECF4D5B-FDFD-4B3F-BDBD-33CBB5C36D8C3BF43FFF-C865-45C2-B4D9-8127826CD08AToday was a very productive day as work crews traveled to our work sites. Worksites included the Boys and Girls Club, nursing homes, helping in their homes and the local food shelf. Our group (Maya, Jordan, Maggie, Cami and I) spent the morning at a local food shelf. We were working with 3 girls from a church in St. Peter and came up with a great system that helped us to sort 2 1/2 HUGE boxes of food. The girls say the strangest find of the day was canned artichoke hearts. Maya and Jordan climbed into the HUGE boxes to help sort and Maggie and Cami helped to sort on the floor.

When our group went to a memory care facility, the girls helped the women string beads to make bracelets and necklaces. Maya helped get one lady to sing, Maggie met the woman she wants to be like when she gets old and Cami and Jordan talked to a woman who told them what it was like to live with polio as a 13 year old girl.

Tonight we went to Park Place Beach for a picnic and fun times on the shores of Lake Superior. While the waves were too high to wade in the water or swim, we did have fun playing in the sand. Nick and Jeremy also re-enacted the famous scene of Jack and Rose from Titantic!

God is working in the hearts of these middle schoolers.


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