Thursday: last day of service and time to be thankful!

Our last day of service was a beautiful day! 80 degrees and sunny in the morning followed by clouds and storms in the evening. Even though our community picnic needed to move indoors, it was a beautiful experience. Our YouthWorks kids prepared and served hundreds of Duluth residents a good dinner. There was also time for conversation and laughter. When we returned to the church it was time for our evening gathering.

It is a YouthWorks tradition to end the week with worship and foot washing. Many of our kids were definitely not excited at first to have their feet washed! In the end, everyone decided to have their feet washed and have an individual prayer with one of their adult leaders. It’s a very meaningful time. There are tears and hugs. Deep conversation and thankfulness in abundance.

This morning we got up a little early and cleaned the church before a large group prayer and hitting the road. As much as kids (and adults) are looking forward to being home, it was tough to leave the new friends/community they made. What a great week! Thanks to all who supported us in prayer this week. We have all been truly blessed!

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