Iambi Lutheran Hospital

Iambi Lutheran Hospital – Our international mission partner, nestled in the middle of Nkungi Village in Tanzania. Iambi serves the local and surrounding villagers in the name of Jesus. Their mission boldly states: “We treat but God heals.” Zumbro’s partnership with Iambi is a part of the SE MN Synod’s partnership with the Central Diocese - of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

Kidimwa, Sarah, Ester, Sabina, Isaya
With God’s help, we provide excellence in compassionate health care, education and spiritual ministry in the name of Jesus Christ. Iambi Lutheran Hospital, started in 1958, is part of the Central Diocese of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania mission to provide health care of the people of central Tanzania. The early hospital was a Leprosarium for treatment of leprosy patients in Singida Region. The Leprosarium Centre served patients with both active leprosy and those who had become disabled as a result of the deformities that were caused by the leprosy disease. The Leprosarium Center upgraded to a General Hospital services in 1978 and it was officially inaugurated by the the President Alhaj Ali Hassan Mwinyi. The central Hospital campus consists of 14 hospital buildings, containing ward, treatment centers, offices, and storeroom, connected by covered cement walkways. In addition to the main service area, the entire compound that originally was 5,000 acre but now is about 350 acres with 40 staff, missionary and volunteer housing units, maintenance and farm buildings, water pumping stations and a three acre man-made lake.'
Sarah Lichty

Director of Mission

Sarah Lichty <br /> Business Manager <br /> Director of Mission