As a congregation, these organizations are supported in three specific ways: financial support, hands-on serving opportunities, and sharing stories about the organization. The goal is that the knowledge and relationship with these organizations deepen and an even greater difference in the world can be made together.

Sarah Lichty

Director of Mission

Sarah Lichty - Director of Mission
Open Table Food Truck


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Food Insecurity

Open Table

A shared ministry between Zumbro Lutheran Church and People of Hope Lutheran Church. Our mission is simple to feed anyone who is hungry.  A weekly burrito meal is served every Thursday in SE MN.  We partner with Channel One and distribute Minnesota Central Kitchen meals during our weekly service. Learn More...

 Mini Pantry

Outside our building on the SW corner is an outdoor mini food pantry.  It is a take what you need, leave what you can free gift of food to our neighbors.   Folks are invited to sign up to tend to the pantry for a week, keeping it stocked with canned meat, instant meals, snacks, water and personal care items.

Youth & Young Adults

LSS Youth Resource Center

LSS is grounded in two principles God loves all people without condition and God yearns for us to love the neighbor. Staffed by LSS case workers this is a place of rest, support, encouragement, and connection. Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota has been a longtime mission partner.  

Luther Nursing Program

Students are provided a variety of clinical experiences throughout the program to allow them to develop their skills in unique ways, encounter health care from diverse settings, and explore the nursing profession in distinctive environments. For more information, please contact Jen.

Global Health & Refugees

Iambi Lutheran Hospital

Iambi Lutheran Hospital – Our international mission partner, nestled in the middle of Nkungi Village in Tanzania.  Iambi serves the local and surrounding villagers in the name of Jesus.  Their mission boldly states: “We treat but God heals.”  Zumbro’s partnership with Iambi is a part of the SE MN Synod’s partnership with the Central Diocese  - of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.  

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What is We seek to be a publicly engaged church often asking ourselves what it means to be a downtown church.  Our advocacy team is committed to learning together, educating our community and finding ways to advocate for our committed priorities.   If you are interested in our advocacy team, contact Sarah Lichty

What is a Mission Partner?

Our mission partners are organizations that we seek to support as a whole congregation in three specific ways – through financial support, hands on serving opportunities, and by telling stories about the organization’s mission.