First Day!!- High School Mission Trip 2021

Today was the first day on our mission trip! We went on many adventures! We hiked at Natural Bridge State Park and saw beautiful views. Last night, we saw a snake slithering and we all screamed and ran away. It was scary! Jeremy was strong in the face of fear. He is fearless!

Later in the afternoon, we got ice cream and went kayaking in a cave! It was a little scary, but was fun after we figured out how to paddle. We saw many rocks and cool markings on the cave! After kayaking, we got loads of pizza and shoveled it into our mouths. It was quite scrumptious.

After our late lunch/early dinner, we went to an area church service meeting at camp that was… interesting. The girls and guys had a nice discussion afterword! We went through orientation to learn where we are working tomorrow. They gave us a fancy ginger-ale drink they only make in Kentucky. I’m a little scared to try it…

After a long day of fun, we are settling in for a good night of rest before a long day of work tomorrow. We are planning on working in and outside a house tomorrow. It will be hard work, but hopefully a lot of fun!

blog post by: Laney Limburg and Avery Lichty

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