Kentucky Day 4!

To start the day we went for a long drive around Estill County -way up in the mountains- and learned a lot about the community here.. After that we went hiking to Anglin Falls, we had a short but hard hike up a hill with many steep and at some times slippery boulders. At the end of the hike we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the fall; from both the bottom and the top. The hike was absolutely gorgeous and was super challenging but fun. Later we hung out in a college town called Berea. We met a woman in one of the craft shops who plays Minecraft (@Bacon_Mom if you want to watch her play on twitch), and she made some really cool woven crafts. In the town there was other shops that had art made by the college kids of Berea. Some of the creations were but not limited to woodworking, glass, pottery, jewelry, and many more cool creations.

We had dinner at a few local spots and came back for an evening swim.

Some good news is after 5 days of waiting Maggie’s suitcase finally came!

Contributions from Maggie Smith, Sarah Perrotti, Jeremy Stortz, Monica Robertson

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