Winter Sermon Series

following Jesus.pngThe Gospel of Mark was likely the first gospel to be written. Unlike Luke and Matthew, Mark forgoes any stories of Jesus’ birth and instead starts with the story of his baptism. After forty days of testing in the wilderness, Jesus arrives in Galilee with some really good news. Soon he’s inviting ordinary people – including fishermen, tax collectors, and others – to come and follow him. They become his disciples.

Our sermon series beginning Sunday, Dec. 29, will pick up the story of those disciples as they’re Following Jesus to Surprising Places. The action is fast-paced. Mark uses the word “immediately” a lot. Jesus heals the sick and his reputation begins to spread. Before long, Jesus attracts the attention of the religious leaders, and they vow to keep an eye on him. As readers, we wonder where this story is heading and what will be the cost for Jesus and his followers. Clearly, there’s a lot on the line.

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